As part of our Marine Protected Areas campaign in 2013, journalist and photographer Jamie Grant met a variety of people who depend on the sea for their livelihood. Watch the photo stories below to find out more.

The scallop diver

Andy Holbrow has been diving for scallops for 22 years. He would like to see MPAs that keep damaging bottom trawling and dredging away from special habitats, easing pressure on ecosystems and allowing them to thrive once again.

The tour guide

Noel Hawkins is from Ullapool and works aboard the cruise boat, the ‘Summer Queen’. A former fisherman, he believes that MPAs can work for wildlife and people but communication with those affected will be key to their success.

The islander

Richard Williams lives and works on Tanera Mòr, an island off the coast of Wester Ross. He believes we must take the opportunity to regenerate the seas or future generations will ask why we didn’t act while we had the chance.

The sea angler

Neil McIntosh runs sea angling trips in Sutherland on his boat Rachael Clare. He believes that Marine Protected Areas can protect vital habitats for fish and help to restore Scotland’s seas to what they once were.

The hoteliers

Tanja and Sonia run the Kylescu Hotel in Sutherland, north west Scotland. They believe Marine Protected Areas and sustainable use of the seas is vital to help businesses like theirs thrive in the long-term.

The creel fisherman

Ian McWhinney lives on Dry Island on Gairloch in Wester Ross. He has been a fisherman for 31 years, continuing an activity that has been in the family for centuries. Respect for the marine environment is important to him to ensure a future for fishing in this area.

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