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Welcome to the Fife and Kinross Group. We have over 100 miles of accessible coastline including the Firth’s of Forth and Tay. The latter being noted for its extensive sand and mudflats, its population of common seals and for its wintering birds. There are opportunities to visit many good wildlife watching sites including fresh water lochs, peat bogs and meadows. Members have the chance to acquire knowledge and skills through our regular events; you will never stop being surprised by wildlife.

What we do

  • Arrange regular wildlife talks.
  • Hold informative visits to wildlife sites and reserves.
  • Defend wildlife interests in local planning decisions.
  • Participate in Fife Biodiversity Action Plans.
  • Take part in conservation work.
  • Monitor and record local wildlife populations.

How to get involved

Come to our meetings, or contact the Group Secretary, to discuss what interests you and suggest what you think the Group could be doing.

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Group information


Andy Cage - Chair

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Where and when?

Where we meet

We meet at locations throughout Fife and Kinross.

Please check the event details for locations.


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Fife and Kinross news

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