Our Wildlife Watch groups are led mainly by volunteers who are interested in helping young people connect with nature.

There are currently around 30 groups across Scotland. Most groups meet once a month for two hours. Check out the Wildlife Watch webpage for more information, such as when groups meet and what activities they have planned!

Would you like to volunteer with a Wildlife Watch group?

Volunteering with Wildlife Watch is an excellent opportunity for people interested in the outdoors to help young people have fun discovering wildlife. Every session is a chance to learn together, so don’t worry if you’re not a nature expert!

You can support Wildlife Watch groups by becoming a Wildlife Watch Leader, Helper or Assistant. See which role suits you best by looking at the role descriptions below.

Newcastleton Wildlife Watch group
Newcastleton Wildlife Watch group © Jamie Grant


Age: 18 +


  • Plan the programme of sessions and activities, and publicise the group to attract new members.
  • Ensure all safeguarding, health and safety procedures are undertaken.
  • Supervise children during group sessions.

Registration process involves: Application form, PVG, references, Children Safeguarding Level 2 training, GDPR training, induction talk, self-disclosure form, and induction completion form.


Age: 16 +


  • Help the group sessions run smoothly by assisting the Wildlife Watch Leaders and Assistants.
  • Those over 18 can act as the ‘third’ adult required for a Wildlife Watch group to run safely.

Registration process involves: Application form and  self-disclosure form.


Age: 14-16


  • Help the group sessions to run smoothly by assisting the Wildlife Watch Leaders and Helpers with the activities.
  • Act as a mentor or role model for younger members.

Registration process involves: Application form and induction completion form

To apply, please follow the instructions and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.

Wildlife Watch Leaders

Wildlife Watch Leaders are supported by the Engagement Officer at the Scottish Wildlife Trust. They receive regular communication from the Trust, including the Wildlife Watch Scotland magazine and Sprout magazine for environmental educators. They can also attend annual Wildlife Watch Training Days and connect with fellow Wildlife Watch Leaders all across the country!

Registered Wildlife Watch Leaders can access our Resources for Leaders page for more guidance and resources.

Setting up a new group in your local area or school

If there is not already a Wildlife Watch group in your area or school, we can help you to start one! Groups can be set up by organisations, schools, or adults in a community.

For more information, please check out our How to start a new Wildlife Watch group

For more information

For all enquiries or further questions, please contact Rachel Faichnie, Engagement Officer (rfaichnie@scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk).

If you are interested in applying to be a Wildlife Watch volunteer, please complete the application form below and return it to rfaichnie@scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk. Please state which Wildlife Watch group you are interested in joining or whether you would like to start a new group.

Please note, school groups do not accept volunteers from the public. Most groups would be happy to get more support, but some existing Wildlife Watch groups may not need additional volunteers at this time. You can see which Wildlife Watch groups are in urgent need of more volunteers on our Volunteer Opportunities webpage.

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