The Scottish Wildlife Trust would like to say a huge thank you to our Wildlife Guardians, listed below.

By giving a little extra each month, they are helping us to better protect some of Scotland’s most important and most threatened habitats and species.

Our Wildlife Guardians are helping us to work towards a healthy natural environment to benefit both people and wildlife. They will help us to safeguard and restore critical habitats and species, to campaign for better wildlife protection and to inspire the next generation to become stewards of the natural world.

Find out more about our Wildlife Guardian initiative here!

Our Wildlife Guardians





Kenneth S Stewart



And 1 Gold Wildlife Guardian who wishes to remain anonymous







Mr and Mrs Ian Hall


Ian Brander


Ronald and Marlies MacLean






Ms Frances Affleck and Mr Mark Jackson

Nick & Ann Burton

Ron Carthy

Caroline Casey

Tom Clarke

Mrs Nancy Colman

Mr Graeme K Craig

Robert Crossman

Michael Dickson

Nicholas and Wendy Gray

Mrs Wilma Hart

Mr G Hedley & Mrs I Thomson


Dr Jean Helling

Dr Charles Ingram

Barry Jarvie

Andrew & Vicky Kilpatrick

Mr Ronald Kinnear

Mr and Mrs McCormack

Mr & Mrs McKechnie

Mrs Isobela Mellors

B J Muirhead

Ms E Munro

C Murray

Alexander Porteous

Pyott Family


And 19 Bronze Wildlife Guardians who wish to remain anonymous


Mr B Ritchie & Ms M Ritchie

Lawrence Robertson

James Rust

Dr Joanna Smith

Mr John Strachan

Mr and Mrs Sturt

Elspeth Third

Miss B & HsN

Mr A Voas

Mrs Shona Wildi

Miss Jill Winton and Mr Smale

Mr George Wood



Mr & Mrs J B Allison
Mrs Sally & Mr Graham Anderson
Fran Baillie
Mr Balloch
Marianne Barry
Mrs S Bennett
Stephen Blake
Ms Rachel Blanche
Mrs Mary Bone
Annabella Boonsanong
Mr David Bratchpiece
Mrs Jennifer Brear & Mr Ashley Brear
Mrs Eve Broadis
Mr Jack Brown
Mr and Mrs Bryce
Estelle Buchanan
Miss Buonacucina & Dr Razeto
Mr S Burns-Cox & Family
Miss Clare Byrne
Dr Cairncross & Mr McEwan & Family
Peter Campbell
Ms Eleanor Carnegy
Miss H Carter
Mr & Mrs A Clark
Beverley Clarke
Dr Alison Crerar
Mr Sean Cross and Mr Robert Cross
Michael Curran
Tom Davidson
Carole Davidson
Stephen Davies & Monica Farkas
Mr John Stuart Davies
Julie and Scott Deans
Dodd’s family
Mr and Mrs T Doherty
Robbie & Christine Don
Mr & Mrs Dryburgh & Family
Mrs Billie J Duncan
Allan and Cathy Duncan
Mr Mark English
Mr Richard Erdal
Fairholm family
Ms L & Miss M Falconer
Carrie Findlay
Alan & Marnie Fleming
Mr John Foot
Mr John Forbes

Wildlife Guardians

Mr Fricaudet, Ms Capron & Family
Miss Imogen Fullbrook
Mr Adam Garside
Mr P Gavin
Mr M J George-Briant
Julie Gerc
Mrs L Gibbon
Mrs H Gilmour
Mr James Gilroy
Alison Grassick
C Hamilton
Mr Tim Hares
Rob Harling
Miss Kathleen Harper
Anne Haselhurst
Joyce & William Hazelton
Mhari Henderson
Norman and Pauline Hendry
Miss V Higgins
Scott Honeyman
Jim Howarth
Mrs Howarth
Mr Graeme Hull
Mr M Humphrey
K A & V A Hutchin
Richard & Rosario Jackson
Miss Anne-Marie Jamieson
Ann Jarrold
Mrs Jennifer Johnson
Margaret Johnstone
Vicky Judd
Ahmet & Emir Keshiyev
Gary Kilpatrick
Mr Hamish Kirk
Mr T Knights & Mrs D Knights
A W Ledingham
Mr Jim and Mrs Anne Little
Andy Lowndes
Miss Alica MacFarlane
Mrs Mainwaring & Family
Alan Mathewson
Mrs Sally Mayer
Mr and Mrs McConnell
Mrs Helen McEwan
Mr John McLay
Kirsty McMaster
Mr Alan McStay


And 80 Wildlife Guardians who wish to remain anonymous


Doris Millar
Mrs N Miller & Mr I Miller
Harry Molloy
Mr Ken Morris
T Morrison
Mrs Anne Morton
Mr Keith Orr
Mr Robert Petrie
Mr J and Mrs J Pinnick
Helen Post
Mr & Mrs Prentice & Family
Mrs Lisa Prudom
Mrs Dianne Pullen
Mike Purdie
Ian & June Rae
Mr and Mrs Raeburn
Mrs Rosemary Ramsey
Erica Revell
Miss L Robertson & Mr P Usher
Jim Robertson
Mr and Mrs Rooney and Family
Les Scott
Derek Sheridan
Mrs Margaret Shields
Mr & Mrs Shillan & Family
Nicholas Simpson
Andrew Smith
Ann Smith
Mr Iain Smith
David & Lisa Smith
Mr Paul Sparks
Gina Stark
Simons Stevens and Karen Stevens
Mr A Strang
Mr A Sutherland
Mr Michael Taylor
Mr Alan Templeton
C A Walters
Mr Lindsay Walton and Ms Ritchie
Mr John Ward
Mrs Angela Wedge
Christine West and Julia Critchley
Dr S Weiber & Mr I Taylor
Mr John Wilkie
Alex Woolf
Miss V Young
Miss Fiona Young

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