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Watch recordings of online talks and events, hosted by the Trust and our local groups around Scotland. We’re adding more recordings to this page as events happen, so watch out for updates. You can view the full playlist of our online talks on our YouTube channel.

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Butterflies and moths that most need our help

With Anthony McCluskey of Butterfly Conservation, hosted by the Stirling & Clackmannanshire Local Group.

Wildlife of the Head of Loch Tay


With John Holland of SRUC Tyndrum, hosted by the Stirling & Clackmannanshire Local Group.

The Lives of Cuckoos

With James Silvey of RSPB Scotland, hosted by the Stirling & Clackmannanshire Local Group.

Dragonflies and Damselflies

With Daniele Muir of British Dragonfly Society, hosted by the  Stirling & Clackmannanshire Local Group.

Scotland's Important Plant Areas

With Alistair Whyte of Plantlife, hosted by the Stirling & Clackmannanshire Local Group.

Saving Scotland's wildcats


The story so far of the historic release of wildcats into the Cairngorms National Park.


Our 59th Annual General Meeting


Learn more about how the Trust has progressed over the past 12 months by watching this recording of our 59th Annual General Meeting.

The life of the corncrake


The story of the corncrake, from its earliest known fossil ancestors to new and potentially fruitful areas of future research.

Atlantic Salmon


Our fifth Living Seas webinar with guest speakers.

Marine Mammals


Our sixth Living Seas webinar with guest speakers.

Nature-Based Solutions


This webinar shares insights about Nature Networks and Nature-Based Solutions.

Squid and ocean invertebrates


Our fourth Living Seas webinar with guest speakers from Cephs & Chefs and National Museums Scotland.



The third Living Seas webinar with guest speakers from the Scottish Seabird Centre and RSPB Scotland.

Seagrass and native oysters


The second in our Living Seas webinar series with guest speakers from Seawilding, The Ecology Centre and Marine Conservation Society.

Scotland's basking sharks


Learn all about the second largest fish in the world from guest speakers Colin Speedie and Shane Wasik.

The nature of Inverewe


Rob Dewar of National Trust for Scotland presents the Inverewe Estate including its geology, landscape and wildlife.

Uist and Climate Change


Prof Stewart Angus of NatureScot explains how rising sea level is problematic for Uist.

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey


Peter Cairns of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture discusses the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding.

Drought in Scotland - really?


NatureScot’s Fairlie Kirkpatrick Baird talks about how an increase in drought is impacting our habitats, and what we can do about it.

Studying and photographing seals


John Dickens talks about the seals he has encountered and studied in locations ranging from the Southern Ocean to Orkney.

Making peace with nature

An expert panel discussion on the topic ‘making peace with nature’, hosted by Trustee Julian Caldecott.

Our 58th Annual General Meeting

Learn more about how the Trust has progressed over the past 12 months by watching this recording of our 58th Annual General Meeting.

What have fungi ever done for us?

A deep dive into the astonishing world of fungi, online, with renowned mycologist Liz Holden.

Live from
the Loch

See amazing wildlife include ospreys and a beaver in this live event from Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve.

Edinburgh Living Landscape

Learn about this inspiring urban nature initiative from Living Landscapes Programme Manager Dr Cathleen Thomas.


Dr Rebecca Yahr shares an overview of Scottish lichens and their symbiotic relationship with fungi.

Ecology and the planning system


Chris Cathrine outlines the role of an ecological consultant within the planning system.

Explore our Lothian reserves


Enjoy a verbal and visual tour of our reserves in the Lothians with local experts.

Bringing wildlife to your garden


Stuart Bence explains how to make your garden a haven for wildlife.

Pine martens in Perthshire


Adrian Davis shares his knowledge of one of Scotland most elusive mammals.

Mixing business with wildflowers


Dr Sally Gouldstone talks about the wildflower meadows she is creating in Midlothian, and the uses to which she puts its flowers and herbs.

and rewilding


Hear from geographer and author Neil Kitching about the topical subjects of carbon and rewilding.

Forgotten fish of the Forth


Ecologist Jack Wooton talks about the Forgotten Fish Project, which highlights species that get little attention and even less conservation focus.

Live goose watch at Montrose Basin


Experience the sight and sounds of thousands of pink-footed geese returning to their evening roost at Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve.

Live fungal foray at Loch of the Lowes


Join expert Tony Wilson for a virtual foray at Loch of Lowes Wildlife Reserve in Perthshire.

Have you ever heard of a nurdle?



Join Maddy Berg and Megan Kirton from environmental charity Fidra to discover the hidden harms of microplastic pollution.

Watch our 57th Annual General Meeting



Hear about the Trust’s achievements during a challenging 12 months, and watch some inspiring wildlife films.

Young Leaders - Leading the way



Hear from the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Young Leaders about their achievements so far, and their plans for the future.




RSPB Scotland’s Katie O’Neill shares her passion for swifts and explains how people in Edinburgh can help to save them.




Ornithologist Stan da Prato talks about monitoring warbler migrations at the Trust’s Hadfast Valley Wildlife Reserve and share some fascinating insights about migration.

Badgers at Falls of Clyde



Find out why Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve is a woodland haven for badgers and learn about new research carried out at the reserve into badger nests.

The Lynx
and Us

Learn more about lynx and the effect they can have on both nature and people from expert Dr David Hetherington.

Plants for

Anthony McCluskey from Butterfly Conservation Scotland explains how creating the right habitats can boost butterflies.

Integrated Catchment Management


Dr Derek Robeson explains the work of the Tweed Forum and its approach to river catchment management.

Tracks and
Scottish wildlife



Naturalist Dan Puplett explains how to identify the clues left by a range of Scottish animals, and explores how anyone can use tracking to help wildlife and connect to nature.

The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative



Kate Fuller, Project Manager for Inner Forth Futures talks about exciting work to improve the Firth of Forth for people and wildlife.

We need to
talk about
climate change



Hear three different perspectives on the impacts and solutions to climate change in this talk organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Young Leaders.

Bats in



The Trust’s Donya Davidson takes a look at the species of bat found in Scotland and some ways you can get involved in their protection.

From magic to medicine



Dr Greg Kenicer takes a look at some of the plants which have been traditionally used as medicines around Scotland.

Mammals on your doorstep



The Trust’s Lyndsay Mark talks about some of the mammals that you may see around your home and the tell-tale signs they are present.

Red kites, red squirrels and dragonflies



Tom Bowser from Argaty Red Kites talks about the amazing wildlife which can found on his family farm near Stirling.

Reintroducing sea eagles to the east coast



RSPB Scotland’s Owen Selly shares an exciting talk about the reintroduction of sea eagles to the east coast.

Scottish Beavers Community Event



Learn more about the successes of the Scottish Beavers Reinforcement Project and the future of Knapdale Forest.

Ardeer's incredible history and wildlife



Bruce Philp explores the fascinating history and incredible wildlife of the Ardeer peninsula in Ayrshire.

Amphibians and reptiles in Scotland



A fascinating talk from Chris Cathrine, Director of Caledonian Conservation Ltd and a Trustee of Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK.

Bringing the missing lynx back to Scotland



Tom Ovenden from the University of Stirling discusses lynx reintroduction and the findings of his recent research in this topical area.

Butterflies and how you can help them



Learn more about butterflies from Butterfly Conservation Scotland’s Anthony McCluskey.

National Members' Day ft Charlie Phillips



Join Whale & Dolphin Conservation’s Charlie Phillips for an illustrated talk on bottlenose dolphins.

Watch our 56th Annual General Meeting



Hear about the Trust’s achievements over the past year at our Annual General Meeting.

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