Thrift Armeria maritima

Thrift plants, also known as sea pink, can reach a height of 0.3 metres and can be found along coastal regions, rocky cliffs, saltmarshes and other sandy areas. It can survive in these harsh conditions due to its high salt tolerance.


Growing on slender leafless stalks, the thrift has clusters of cupped pink or lilac flowers with rounded petals and evergreen grass-like mat-forming leaves at the base of its stems.


  • Height: 10 cm – 30 cm




Coastal areas, rocky cliffs, saltmarshes and sandy areas

When to see

April – July


  • Between 1937 and 1953 the thrift was featured on the threepenny
  • Thrift is known as ‘tonna chladaich’ in Gaelic which means ‘beach waves’

Common name


Species name

Armeria maritima

IUCN Red List status


When to see in Scotland

April – July

Where to see in Scotland

Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves such as Kilminning coast or Longhaven cliffs.

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