Hawthorn shield bug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Found in woodlands and gardens the hawthorn shield bug is a large bug with pointed ‘shoulders’. They are mainly bright green and rust red, although most of its body and wings are covered in small dark spots. Adult hawthorn shield bugs hibernate during winter and re-emerge in spring to mate. Eggs are laid in the spring and hatch in the summer, they are usually seen between May and October.


Hawthorn shield bugs are found in areas which satisfy their food needs such as gardens, parks and general woodland. They feed mainly on hawthorn berries but can also eat a range of deciduous trees such as the hazel, birch and oak. When they are young, hawthorn shield bugs often remain close to their food source, but adults can roam further from their food.


  • Length: 13 – 17mm




Throughout the UK

When to see



  • Shield bugs are also known as ‘stink bugs’ due to their ability to release a strong-smelling fluid when threatened.
  • The hawthorn shield bug is the largest species of shield bug in the UK.

Common name

Hawthorn shield bug

Species name

Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

IUCN Red List status


When to see in Scotland


Where to see in Scotland

Scotland-wide, including on the following Trust wildlife reserves: Cullaloe, Johnston Terrace, Montrose Basin, Fife Ness Muir, Fleecefaulds Meadow, Gailes Marsh and Southwick Coast.

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