As our largest surviving carnivore, badgers are a vital part of Scotland’s biodiversity and landscape.

In 2021, our annual celebration of Scotland’s badgers, Scottish Badger Week, runs from 8-16 May and a number of special events are taking place to celebrate. Get involved in learning more about this much-loved species and do your bit to help protect them for future generations. If you take part in any activities let us know using #ScottishBadgerWeek

Scottish Badger Week is a partnership between the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers.

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Badger Week Events 2021

Badgers at Falls of Clyde
Wednesday 12 May, 7pm – 8.30pm

Learn about the interesting lives of badgers and see trail camera footage showing their fascinating behaviour. The Trust’s Clyde Valley Ranger Clare Toner and badger researcher Michael McCaskill will share their knowledge about these magnificent mammals. The free event will be conducted via a Zoom video link. Book now 

Virtual badger watch
Thursday 13 May, 8pm – 9pm 

Join a live online badger watch in partnership with Edinburgh Zoo. Lyndsay Mark, the Trust’s Visitor Experience Manager at Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre Wildlife Reserve will present a talk on how to spot the tell-tale signs of badgers while we wait to see if the clan emerges from their sett and onto a live video feed.  Book now

Tracking for nature connection
Friday 14 May, 1pm – 2pm

Join Scottish Badgers and the Scottish Wildlife Trust for a free online session looking at how tracking helps us connect with nature for wellbeing. This event is being offered in partnership with Get Outdoors Lanarkshire as part of Green Health Week and Mental Health Awareness Week which this year has the theme of nature. Booking required via Eventbrite. Book now

‘Wildlife & Us’ – A webinar with Polly Pullar
Saturday 15 May, 6.30pm – 8pm

Hosted by Scottish Badgers. Join conservationist, naturalist, writer and photographer Polly Pullar for a webinar on our relationship with wildlife. With over 30 years professional experience, Polly specialises in wildlife and countryside matters, and is also a wildlife rehabilitator. She contributes to a wide selection of magazines and is the author of nine books on wildlife and nature. Book now

Five facts about badgers

  • They need to eat 200 earthworms every day
  • The Gaelic word for badger is Broclach, (hence the traditional name ‘Brock’)
  • Males are called boars, females are sows and young are cubs
  • There are around 34,000 badgers in Scotland
  • They can be found in a wide range of habitats including moorlands, woodlands and urban areas

Badgers are under threat

Both badgers and their setts are protected by law. Sadly they still face a number of threats. These include being killed on the roads, habitat loss and disturbance, and persecution including baiting.

What can I do to help?

 There are lots of ways you can get involved to help protect badgers during Scottish Badger Week and beyond:

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