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Ospreys are birds of prey that migrate to Scotland in the summer to breed. This quiz will test your knowledge of these amazing birds. We have divided the quiz by difficulty – but everyone is at different levels, so make sure to complete the one that’s best for you.

If these birds are completely new to you, take a look at our Osprey Fact File before starting the quiz. You could also have a go at doing some research, using a bird book or the internet – that way you’ll get an even bigger score!

Answers to both quizzes can be found as downloadable resources at the bottom of this page – no peeking!


Resident Angus female (on the right of the nest) is challenged by 2 osprey intruders © Darren Dawson
Resident Angus female (on the right of the nest) is challenged by 2 osprey intruders © Darren Dawson

Quiz for beginners (multiple choice)

  1. Which one of these words describes an osprey’s diet of fish?
    a) Piscivorous
    b) Herbivorous
    c) Carnivorous
  2. Which of these adaptations do ospreys have?
    a) Good eyesight
    b) Sharp talons
    c) Reversible toe
    d) Sharp beak
    e) All of the above
  3. Which of these words describes the osprey’s movements to and from its wintering ground?
    a) Flight
    b) Migration
    c) Travel
  4. Which of these is a country where ospreys spend the winter?
    a) France
    b) Kenya
    c) Senegal
  5. Which is bigger, a female osprey or a male osprey?
    a) Female
    b) Male
  6. How many chicks were moved from Scotland to Rutland Water Nature Reserve in total?
    a) 10
    b) 64
    c) 75
  7. Which of these is also releasing osprey chicks?
    a) Scotland
    b) Glaslyn
    c) Poole Harbour
  8. Which of these birds have also been reintroduced in the UK?
    a) Buzzard
    b) White-tailed eagle
    c) Robin

Quiz for experts (not multiple choice)

  1. Ospreys are the only birds of prey that eat just fish, but what is the special name we use to describe this?
  2. The osprey is an excellent fisherman. Can you find out three adaptations that help them catch fish?
  3. What is the word used to describe an osprey’s journey to and from the wintering grounds in West Africa?
  4. Name two countries where Ospreys spend the winter months.
  5. Which one is bigger – the male or female osprey?
  6. Which of these is a reason ospreys became extinct in the UK?
    a) Shooting
    b) Lack of food
    c) Many successful breeding attempts
  7. How many osprey chicks were translocated to Rutland Water Nature Reserve in total?
  8. Where did ospreys first breed again in Wales and in what year?
  9.  The following are species of animals that have also been reintroduced to the UK. Can you un-scramble the letters to work out what they are?
    b) BAVEER
    d) SNBIO

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This activity was developed for World Osprey Week by Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and Birds of Poole Harbour.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is pleased to be a partner in World Osprey Week. Learn more about ospreys.


Time to complete

20 minutes - 1 hour

Suitable for age

Resource Level

Curriculum linked

Sciences (biology; ecology; natural history; Planet Earth topic)

Languages – English (research skills; reading comprehension)

Health and Wellbeing (quiz can be attempted in teams – teamwork and relationship building)

Social Studies (links to history, geography and culture)


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