Draw some wild doodles

Get arty with some wild doodles! With some creativity and imagination, a stone can become a buzzy bee, a leaf could be a frog’s mouth and a piece of bark could be a whole tree.


wild doodles

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Collected natural objects (leaves, stones, petals, bark)

How to make wild doodles:

  1. Place your objects on a piece of paper
  2. Get creative – doodle around the objects (draw legs, wings, antennae, even people with leaves as outfits)
© Lyndsay Mark


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This activity was developed as part of Let’s Notice Nature initiative- Earn Your Stripes, a partnership initiative with Scottish Badgers

Let’s Notice Nature – environmental education & nature connection for all




Time to complete

10 mins

Suitable for age

Suitable location

Resource Level

Curriculum linked

Expressive Arts (artistic skills and use of different materials)

Sciences (biology; ecology; natural history)


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