Decorate your own festive wrapping paper

Decorating your own wrapping paper is a fun way of getting in the festive mood. It also means that you can avoid unrecyclable wrapping paper that contains plastic.

Here, we provide instructions for making robin and reindeer wrapping paper – we strongly suggest this activity is done while listening to a Christmas playlist!

Wrapping paper © Pete Haskell

What you will need:

  • A roll of brown parcel paper
  • Brown and red paint
  • An apple
  • A carrot
  • A knife
  • A black pen

How to make robin and reindeer wrapping paper:

Wrapping paper © Pete Haskell


  1. Unroll a length of the parcel paper across a table or desk
  2. Cut the apple in half vertically and dip the cut surface into the brown paint
  3. Press the apple down firmly onto the paper
  4. Dip the apple back into the paint and repeat
  5. Allow the paint to dry
  6. Next, cut across the carrot and dip the cut surface into the red paint
  7. Press the carrot down firmly near the middle of one of the brown apple prints
  8. Dip the carrot back into the paint and repeat until all apple print have a red carrot print inside them
  9. Allow the paint to dry
  10. Use a black pen to make some of your prints look like reindeer and some like robins!


Wrapping paper © Pete Haskell


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Time to complete

1 hour +

Suitable for age

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