The Scottish Wildlife Trust aims to procure goods, services and works sustainably, ethically, fairly and transparently in line with European Union and Scottish Government regulations.

In this way we seek to ensure value for money, with procurement choices biased primarily towards cost but also taking other assessment criteria into consideration.

Environmental policy

We particularly aim to procure our goods, services and works in a way that minimises the impact on the environment where it is practical and economically viable. When making procurement choices we aim to:

  • Meet or exceed all environmental legal requirements and approved codes of practice, including pollution prevention.
  • Work with other organisations to champion better stewardship of natural capital
  • Reduce our impacts on the environment in the following ways: Reduce, recover, reuse and recycle
  • Be efficient in how we use water and control any discharge
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Support sustainable modes of travel
  • Promote energy efficiency throughout our operations
  • Promote sustainable food when providing catering
  • Take measures to reduce food waste
  • Reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere
  • Minimise the use of hazardous substances by seeking alternatives
  • Procure materials and services within a framework that encourages sustainability
  • Minimise potential nuisance such as noise, litter, odour, light pollution

We are also committed to supporting the local and wider community.

Payment of suppliers

The timing of supplier payments is set out in our general conditions governing the terms of business. Payment are normally made within 30 days of a valid invoice or other valid demand for payment, whichever is the later. We consider a payment to have been made when a BACS payment is committed or a cheque is posted. Disputed invoices are processed for payment from the date the dispute was resolved.

Standard contractual conditions

We use standard conditions of contract (pdf) for all straightforward purchases and contracts.

Get in touch

All invoices and queries should be directed to

All correspondence should be directed to:

Finance Team
Scottish Wildlife Trust
Harbourside House
110 Commercial Street

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