Scotland’s seas are home to a wide range of incredible marine life that must be protected.

Right now, the Scottish Government is holding a consultation on the designation of four new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). These areas have been selected to protect a range of important features, from large mobile species such as basking sharks and minke whales, to thriving habitats including northern seafan and sponge communities.

Show your support for the designation of four new Marine Protected Areas in Scotland’s seas.

Thanks to the support of more than 3,300 people who took part in our campaign, the Scottish Government confirmed the designation of these new protected areas in December 2020. We will work closely with Marine Scotland to ensure these areas deliver real conservation benefits.

Did you know

The Sea of the Hebrides
is a globally important
hotspot for basking sharks

Find out more about the proposed MPAs

Click on the links below to read Scottish Natural Heritage’s summary leaflets about each of the four sites:

Did you know

Minke whales are the
most commonly sighted
whales in Scottish waters

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