From bumblebees and wildcats to dolphins and seabirds, nature is in trouble.

Climate change, pollution and habitat loss have all contributed to this loss of wildlife, but now Brexit puts at risk the environmental protections that Scotland’s wildlife and landscapes depend upon.

But it’s not too late – we can still secure ambitious protections for Scotland’s land and seas.

Join us in calling on the Scottish Government to get serious about protecting our environment.


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Did you know that
1 in 11 species in
Scotland is at risk
of extinction…

Right now, the Scottish Government is seeking views on the future of environmental protections in Scotland that will determine how well our environment is protected.

To protect our amazing wildlife, we need the Scottish Government to commit to a dedicated Scottish Environment Act that will:

  • embed much needed EU environmental law principles in Scots law
  • set up an independent watchdog to enforce environmental protections
  • set clear targets for environmental protection alongside adequate financial resources.

Tell the Scottish Government that we need a Scottish Environment Act to protect and enhance our environment now and in the future.


This petition has now closed.

Brexit threatens to
unravel the critical set
of environmental

Collectively, 35 environmental charities from across Scotland have come together to ‘Fight for Scotland’s Nature’ and gather support for a Scottish Environment Act.

EU protections have played an overwhelmingly positive role in protecting and enhancing our natural environment by setting clear objectives for legislation, providing funding mechanisms and a variety of routes to ensure implementation.

The prospect of Brexit threatens to unravel this set of critical environmental protections at a time when 1 in 11 species in Scotland is at risk of extinction.

We cannot afford to be left behind by EU and global partners. This is why we need a Scottish Environment Act to set clear ambitions for our own environmental policy and set us on a clear trajectory towards a more sustainable future. This is all the more important as we approach 2020, a year critical for the culmination of global efforts to halt biodiversity loss.


This petition has now closed.



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