Make room for nature in June

The Trust is inviting people to do something wild every day this June. 30 Days Wild is a simple challenge designed to allow anyone to make room for nature – no matter where they are or how busy their lifestyle.

Nick Wright, People and Wildlife Manager for the Scottish Wildlife Trust said: “30 Days Wild is designed to offer people simple ways to make room for nature in their lives and commit random acts of wildness.

“The great thing about nature is that you can find it anywhere, while taking the kids to school, walking the dog, or looking out the window on your commute, and that by opening your senses to it you can have a tangible positive impact on your health and well-being.”

Many Scots took part in the 30 Days Wild challenge in 2015. One participant, Jamie Proudfoot, a youth support worker from Helensburgh even extended his adventure into a year-long ‘365 Days Wild’.

Jamie said: “30 Days Wild seemed like a terrific idea to engage mindfully with the outdoors and learn a little more about the amazing diversity that my little patch of Scotland had to offer. My daily experiences included birdwatching and bat detecting, wild flowers and waterfalls, and I was struck by how simple it was to turn every single day into a wild one.”

“I felt sparks of child-like curiosity and wonderment that were truly energising, and I didn't want to let go of this motivation. Chance encounters with an unknown wild flower, bug or bird song have become an absolute thrill, and the world on my doorstep has become a more vivid and wonderful place.”

A study by the University of Derby examined the impact of 30 Days Wild in 2015. It showed that the challenge can lead to a sustained increase in people’s happiness, health, connection to nature and positive environmental behaviours. Two months after taking part in the initiative the number of people reporting their health as excellent increased by over 30 per cent. (1)

Everyone who signs up to take part in the month-long nature challenge will receive a pack full of encouragement, ideas and ‘Random Acts of Wildness’.  They will also receive a wallchart to track their progress and regular encouragement throughout the month to help everyone make nature part of their lives.

It’s free and easy to take part, just visit to sign up, or download a free app for iPhone and Android devices. Simply search for '30 Days Wild’ in the App and Google Play Stores.

7 Random Acts of Wildness for your first week of June:

  • Let it grow – mark out a patch of lawn, don’t mow and watch it fill with bugs and wild flowers.
  • Follow a bee – you’ll need to have sharp eyes and ears to keep up.
  • Sip in the wild – enjoy your first tea or coffee of the day accompanied by birdsong
  • Make a moth lure – soak a rope in warm red wine and sugar to attract moths at night
  • Build a hedgehog highway – cut a hold in your fence for them to travel through
  • Survey your local wildlife – make a list of all the species you can see from your window
  • Go beach combing – see what treasures you can find among the seaweed 

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The Trust is inviting people to do something wild every day this June. 30 Days Wild is a simple challenge designed to allow anyone to make room for nature – no …

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