Every volunteer’s story is different – their reason for volunteering, their experience and their reward from doing so.

We would love to hear your volunteering stories. What inspired you to take action for nature? What does volunteering mean for you? Or, perhaps you’ve had an amazing wildlife encounter while volunteering, or helped achieve something you’re really proud of. Use the form below to share your stories with us.

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What a few of our other volunteers have said…

Wendy Patterson, Wildlife Watch Leader

Volunteering allows me to open up the natural world to young children so that they can pass this love of nature onto their own children. It’s great fun and rewarding to see parents and kids working together and the positive feedback you get from kids enjoying themselves. It builds a sense of social responsibility for the local landscape.

A large part of a child’s formative years should be spent outdoors exploring, regardless of where they live, and being involved in a Wildlife Watch group is a great opportunity to educate the kids for the future.

Colin Wilson, Reserves Project Group volunteer

This is a great opportunity to get out and about and do something positive now I’m retired. I like the flexibility of being able to turn up whenever I can. I can fit volunteering around my life.

My work is helping generate some lasting change on Trust reserves and I am helping to leave the local area in a better shape. I’ve discovered some fantastic ‘hidden’ Trust reserves in the Lothians and Borders whilst learning new skills, having fun meeting new people, and learning about local species and management.

Allison Dube – Planning Volunteer

A forest can’t tell a developer not to cut it down. It’s important that wildlife and habitats are given a voice, represented so they can be protected from inappropriate development. My contribution – and any volunteers’ contribution – helps to increase the capacity of the Scottish Wildlife Trust so it can keep working towards its vision.

I’m learning a lot about Scotland’s wildlife and habitats, and how protection works. And of course it is great to get to know a lot of the people that work at the Trust and be surrounded by like-minded people.

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