Membership of the Scottish Wildlife Trust starts from as little as 8p a day.

The various different types of membership are listed below, together with a brief description of who qualifies for each category. All the subscription rates quoted are minimum amounts, but typically members give between £5 and £10 a month by Direct Debit.

Please give generously as every penny helps us to protect Scotland’s wildlife for the future.

Membership category

Who does it include?

Payments by Direct Debit

Payments by cheque, credit card or cash

Individual Single adult £36 (£3.00 p/m) £40
Two adults at same address
£45 (£3.75 p/m) £47
Parents and guardians +
all children at same address
£54 (£4.50 p/m) £57
Watch* Children aged 5 to 14 £18 (£1.50 p/m) £18
World** Non-UK residents N/A £45
Single senior citizen, full-time student or unemployed
£18 (£1.50 p/m) £18
Joint Concession
Two senior citizens, full-time
students or unemployed
£24 (£2.00 p/m) £24
Life Single lifetime membership £900 single payment
Joint Life As with Life, for 2 people £1,300 single payment
Corporate Companies and organisations About company giving
* One Watch membership fee applies for all children at same address
** World membership for non-UK residents. Other categories for UK residents only.

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