After 30 years running the Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre, a site owned by CalaChem in the heart of industrial Grangemouth, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has taken the difficult decision to step back from managing the site. Read our news story here.

To assess interest from groups, organisations and businesses in finding an alternative way for the site to remain open to the community from April 2024, we held a community consultation in October 2023. In addition to receiving verbal feedback at a series face-to-face consultation events, we received a total of 83 written responses to our consultation survey.

Summary analysis of consultation

It is clear that Jupiter is held in high regard, with many respondents referencing fond memories of visiting and/or volunteering at the site. It is also clear that it is considered an important community asset, with frequent mentions of its value as an educational resource, particularly for local schools.

Respondents appear strongly supportive of local community involvement in the future management of the site, albeit many had realistic apprehensions about the financial and logistical challenges that such an undertaking may entail. The insights suggest that while there is enthusiasm for keeping the centre operational through community involvement, there is also a clear call for robust support to ensure its sustainability.

Selection of consultation statistics:

  • Of 83 respondents, 79 had visited Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre
  • 35 respondents said they visited Jupiter with their families
  • 82% of respondents considered Jupiter ‘very important’ to the local community
  • 54% of respondents considered Jupiter ‘very important’ to them personally
  • 65 respondents said they thought the local community should consider taking over management of the site
  • 21 respondents said they were willing to get involved with managing the site, with a further 37 respondents selecting ‘maybe’ from the options
  • 18 respondents said they were willing to contribute financially to support the site, with a further 35 respondents selecting ‘maybe’ from the options

The future of Jupiter

During the public consultation events, the organisations Under the Trees, TCV and Buglife expressed an interest in exploring collaborative opportunities related to the site. Our understanding is that conversations are still ongoing as to the possible future options for Jupiter.

In the meantime, TCV will continue to run health-based activities from the rear of the site but, unfortunately, there will be no public access in the immediate future.

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