Dive into Scotland’s Living Seas webinar series

Take a virtual dive into Scotland’s seas from the comfort of your couch! Get to know iconic marine species and the people protecting them.

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Did you know that Scotland’s marine area is six times bigger than its land area?

“How inappropriate to call this planet earth, when it is quite clearly ocean” – Arthur C Clarke (British author and scientist)

Scotland’s coasts and seas are home to thousands of spectacular marine species, that interact in dynamic ways to provide everything from the oxygen we breathe to food, jobs and the regulation of our climate.

The health of Scotland’s seas is in decline. However, the need for urgent action fans the flames of a strong marine community spirit, uniting individuals across diverse regions, sectors and backgrounds in our vision to achieve healthy, well-managed seas.

To celebrate the power of collaborative working, we invite you to dip your toe or dive right in to this six-part webinar series!

Join us and get to know some of Scotland’s iconic ocean species like you’ve never known them before. Get ready to immerse your mind in an underwater world as you listen to the first-hand experiences of ocean defenders across the country. From community-led projects to environmental groups, researchers to businesses, together we will celebrate successes, air concerns and ultimately connect with one another to realise it’s not too late to turn the tide to protect our ocean.

Whether you’re planning your next coastal adventure, are looking to get inspired or are simply interested in life below the waves, these webinars are for you! Each will focus on a different species group, here are the themes, our first two webinars are live on Eventbrite for you to book, please check back here for the tickets to go live for the other webinars:

  1. Basking sharks
  2. Seagrass and native oysters
  3. Seabirds (21 Feb, 6-6.45pm)
  4. Squid and other ocean invertebrates (28 Feb, 6-6.45pm)
  5. Salmon (7 March, 6.6.45pm)
  6. Marine mammals (14 March, 6-6.45pm)

We hope to see you there! These online events are open to everyone and free to attend. There is also the option to share a donation of your choice with the Scottish Wildlife Trust. At the Scottish Wildlife Trust, we strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully. If there are any accessibility aids we can provide to support your participation, just let us know when you book via Eventbrite and we will do our utmost to accommodate your requirements.

For any further enquiries, please contact Elouise at ecartner@scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk

Webinars will be recorded to be later shared on the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s YouTube channel.

Scottish Wildlife Trust Living Seas Project:

The Living Seas project is working at both national and local levels to ensure effective marine management. The Living Seas project is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. Focusing upon both marine planning and community engagement, the Living Seas project works across a wide range of areas to promote the sustainable management of our seas, recognizing and rectifying the impact human activity has had in order to maintain a healthy and productive marine environment. The Living Seas project also strives to connect the wider public with the marine environment in engaging and meaningful ways, such as through the snorkel trail network, making oceans more accessible and thereby encouraging more people to better value and protect Scotland’s precious marine life. We are also proud members of the Scottish Environment LINK Marine Group, a coalition of environmental charities advocating actions to restore Scotland’s Seas.

We’d love to hear how you enjoy connecting with and protecting our oceans; tag us on Facebook and Instagram @scottishwildlifetrust, or on Twitter @ScotWildlife and follow our pages for updates.


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Take a virtual dive into Scotland’s seas from the comfort of your couch! Get to know iconic marine species and the people protecting them. Did you know that Scotland’s marine …

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