Fife Core Paths Network

Teams of young conservation volunteers, working with the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT), have been transforming kilometres of paths throughout Fife, as part of the Fife Core Paths Network project. During

Grey squirrel spread in the North East

In north east Scotland grey squirrels are spreading from Aberdeen city centre outwards along the Dee and the Don.  Grey squirrels are an invasive species and they were introduced to

Scottish Beaver Trial Update

Two months ago the Scottish Beaver Trial, a partnership project run by Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT), the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and host partner Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS),

Wild day out at Cullaloe

Have a wild day out at Cullaloe Wildlife Reserve, near Aberdour, on Sunday 2 August as the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) reserve opens its doors with a range of activities

Bogs open to the public

Locals in Edinburgh can take a free tour around one of the most endangered wildlife habitats in Scotland’s countryside on 26 July, as Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) prepares to host a

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