Policy and campaigns

Our ambition for Scotland's wildlife

The Scottish Wildlife Trust campaigns for fundamental and lasting improvements for wildlife across Scotland. We believe long-term change can only be achieved by persuading others to live and work sustainably, and the Trust works closely with environmental organisations both in Scotland and across the UK to achieve this. We also campaign at a Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament level to improve current legislation and funding.

We will continue to promote wildlife-friendly policies, including:

  • Helping wildlife thrive across whole landscapes and not just in small, protected ‘ghettos’
  • Encouraging the people of Scotland to get out and enjoy a thriving natural environment
  • Ensuring agriculture and forestry practices enhance rather than damage the environment
  • Protect wildlife and habitats from damage caused by poor planning decisions
  • Legislation which affords better protection for our damaged marine environment
  • Promoting nature in towns and cities as well as in the wider countryside

What are our policies?

The Scottish Wildlife Trust shares its views on contentious and even emotive issues through policies developed using expertise and input from across the organisation. These must be approved by the Scottish Wildlife Trust Council before being adopted. Click the links below to find out more about our key policies:

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