Identifying Britain’s ferns and North of Scotland Group AGM

Join James Merryweather in this online talk to learn about British ferns and their identification.

The talk will be a detailed introduction of the structure and diversity of British ferns and a friendly guide to their identification. That will take up most of the talk, but then we will have a look at some of the trickier groups, notably the male ferns. If you have read John Warren's 'Frustrating Flowers and Puzzling Plants' (recommended) you will have gained an insight into why some plant genera can be appallingly difficult if you take them seriously. Warren doesn't cover the male ferns, a suite of (currently) ten species still unresolved, that in common with brambles, dandelions, whitebeams, and others have their taxonomy complicated by the genetic factor apomixis. Don't worry. Unless you really want to tackle them - as some people do! - you may just accept that the difficulties exist and leave the frustration to others.

This talk will be followed by an AGM.

Booking for this event is essential. This event will be conducted via a Zoom video link. Please note that this meeting may be recorded for public viewing later.

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Image: Unfurling bracken; Cumbernauld Glen © Katrina Martin / 2020VISION




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