National Museum of Scotland – Saturday 22 September

Have you ever wondered what Scotland should look like? What are the issues you care about most?

Join us for what promises to be an exciting National Members’ Day, full of lively debate, inspiring images and exclusive previews of forthcoming activities.

World-renowned wildlife photographer and rewilding advocate Peter Cairns will be the keynote speaker at this year’s National Members’ Day, which will take place at the spectacular National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh on Saturday 22 September. A Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers with over 20 years of experience, Peter has travelled from Scotland’s spectacular mountaintops to its ocean floors, taking stunning photographs and footage as he goes. He has spent a long time considering the question ‘What should Scotland look like?’ and is well placed to investigate this intriguing question.

We are delighted that there will also be the chance to hear from Dr David Hetherington, the UK’s foremost expert on the lynx, and to take part in a new set of Special Interest Sessions before our ever-popular Wildlife Question Time, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This year delegates have the opportunity to attend one of the following special interest sessions, and can choose their preferred session at registration.

  • The big discussion – reintroductions: An open dialogue on this hot topic with two leading experts in the field.
  • Living Cities; towards ecological urbanism: What is the future for nature in our towns and cities? Learn about the Trust’s brand new Living Cities publication in this interactive session hosted by Jonny Hughes, Chief Executive.
  • Meet the staff: Unsure about GDPR, want to find out more about planning issues, interested in doing some local fundraising? A chance to meet key members of staff, have questions answered and problems solved.

Event programme

Venue: National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF

10.00  Registration and refreshments
10.30  Annual General Meeting
11.30  Presentations and questions
12.15  National Members’ Day and standing buffet lunch
13.00  Welcome to National Members’ Day – Linda Rosborough, Chair
13.05  Looking ahead – Jonny Hughes, Chief Executive
13.15  Scotland: The Big Picture – Keynote speaker Peter Cairns, Wildlife Photographer
14.00  Hot topic: The lynx and us: a place for lynx in Scotland, Dr David Hetherington
14.20  Special interest sessions
14.50  Refreshments
15.20  Wildlife Question Time
16.10  Closing address
16.20  Event finishes

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Renowned wildlife photographer Peter Cairns will be this year’s keynote speaker.
Eurasian lynx © Dogrando
Dr David Hetherington will be discussing whether there is a future for lynx in Scotland. © Dogrando (CC BY 2.0)
National Museum
This year’s event will take place at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. © Andrew Gray (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Only able to attend the AGM?

If you are a member of the Trust and wish to attend the AGM only, you can do so free of charge, but will not be able to join the lunch or National Members’ Day in the afternoon. Please click the ‘MORE’ button below and complete the booking form.

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