Make your own snail trail

Let’s get down to ground level and be snails!

Imagine the life of a snail: where does it go when it moves round your garden, does it stop for a nibble, is it scared of the spiky rose bushes, does it have a go on your tree swing at night? Make your own snail trail with string and take the guided tour.

What Will you need:

  • String
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A space in your garden or local green space

How to make a snail trail:

  1. Design your route and work out where your snail trail will go.
  2. Use the string to map out the trail that a snail would take.
  3. Use labels as signposts if you wish.
  4. Take someone else on your snail trail or use a video camera to let people take a virtual tour from a snails perspective.
  5. Remember to look around once in a while to look out for overhanging branches or trip hazards. Real snails don’t have the same risks as humans do.
  6. Have fun being a snail!


This activity was developed as part of the Let’s Notice Nature initiative of Earn Your Stripes,

in partnership with Scottish Badgers.

Share your creations using #DiscoverLearnPlay

Time to complete

1 hr

Suitable for age

Suitable location

Curriculum linked

Sciences (biology; ecology; natural history)

Technologies (craft and design)


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