New Lanark – Spinning New Lives


The Falls of Clyde provide the stunning backdrop for new historical novels by C A Hope. Weaving fictional characters with real people and events, the reader shares the remarkable birth of the cotton mill village of New Lanark under David Dale.

Enjoy Corra Linn and the Scottish countryside of the 1780s through the evocative descriptions of wildlife by an author who knows the reserve very well. Strong characterisation draws you in to the 18th Century community, brought alive during the dramatic, turbulent time of the French Revolution, Highland Clearances and the brutal rise of the Industrial Revolution.

This is the first in the series: New Lanark Living With a Visionary, with Robert Owen at the helm will be released soon.

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Author: C A Hope

Format: paperback

Publisher: Marluc Publishing, 2013

ISBN: 9781849142922

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