The Trust can provide a wide range of experts for comment on issues affecting Scotland’s wildlife and nature.

Below you will find details about some of spokespeople and what they are in a position to comment on.

Chief Executive – Jonny Hughes

Jonny can speak confidently about our work on the ground as well as the future direction of conservation in Scotland, the UK and internationally. In addition to his Trust role, Jonny is also an elected Global Councillor for the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Co-founder of the World Forum on Natural Capital. His areas of expertise include environmental policy, woodlands, peatlands, species conservation, nature in cities and natural capital. Jonny is consistently listed in the top 20 most influential people on social media on the subjects of environment and sustainability.

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Marine Planning Officer – Dr Sam Collin

Sam is responsible for promoting policies and practices that ensure that Scotland’s seas are well managed. He can comment on proposals for developments that pose a risk to would damage marine life and can give an expert view on marine conservation including the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas project, Marine Protected Areas, blue carbon, decommissioning and electrofishing.

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