The Scottish Wildlife Trust advocates for positive change by setting out clear policies on key issues and responding to consultations and planning applications where necessary.

We promote wildlife-friendly policies, including:

  • Helping wildlife thrive across whole landscapes and not just in small, isolated pockets
  • Encouraging the people of Scotland to get out and enjoy a thriving natural environment
  • Ensuring agriculture and forestry practices enhance rather than damage the environment
  • Protect wildlife and habitats from damage caused by poor planning decisions
  • Legislation which affords better protection for our damaged marine environment
  • Promoting nature in towns and cities as well as in the wider countryside

A full list of the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s policies and responses to consultations can be found below.

Click here to read our series of Nature in Brief publications which give a top-level overview of some of Scotland’s key ecological issues.

Additional Trust publications can be found by visiting our Publications page.

A Nature Recovery Plan

Published together with RSPB Scotland and WWF Scotland, A Nature Recovery Plan identifies 11 transformative and high impact actions that would help nature to recover. Many of these would support a green economic recovery.













  • Response to proposed Sound of Barra Special Area of Conservation – December 2011
  • Response to Scottish Spending Review 2011 & Draft Budget 2012/13 – October 2011
  • Interim sustainability appraisal and SEA on Scotland’s National Marine Plan – June 2011
  • Pre-consultation draft on Scotland’s National Marine Plan – June 2011
  • Response to amendments to the modernised planning system – January 2011


  • Response to draft land use strategy – getting the best from our land – December 2010
  • Response to Resourcing a High Quality Planning System consultation – October 2010
  • Response to the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill consultation – September 2010
  • Response to prospectus, vision and work plan for CSGN – July 2010
  • Response of NGOs to draft report on the future of the CAP after 2013 – April 2010
  • Response to N Ayrshire Council’s Local Development Plan – Main Issues Report – March 2010
  • Falls of Clyde Management Plan summary consultation document – March 2010
  • Response to draft report on AA of Pentland Firth strategic area leasing round – January 2010
  • Response to IUCN’s ‘A New Vision for Biodiversity Conservation’ – January 2010


  • Comments with WDCS on Habitats Regulations Assessment of Round 3 plan – December 2009
  • Response to N Lanarkshire Council’s Community Growth Areas statement – November 2009
  • Response to Scottish Planning Policy – November 2009
  • Response to inquiry into future support for agriculture in Scotland – October 2009
  • Response to UK Forestry Standard and Forests and Biodiversity Guidelines – October 2009
  • Response to options for a new vision for biodiversity – July 2009
  • Response to planning policy – April 2009
  • Response to National Planning Framework 2 – January 2009
  • Response to forestry provisions in the Climate Change Bill – January 2009


  • Response of NGOs to second consultation on Environmental Liability Directive – August 2008
  • Response to soils framework – June 2008
  • Response to consultation on Climate Change Bill Scotland – June 2008
  • Response to National Planning Framework 2 – April 2008
  • Response with LINK to consultation on significant water management issues – April 2008
  • Response to consultation on future of flood risk management in Scotland – April 2008


  • Response to EU Climate Change Adaptation Green Paper 2007

Policy Futures 1: Living Landscapes

Working towards ecosystem-based conservation in Scotland

Policy Futures 2: Living Seas

Towards sustainable marine renewable energy in Scotland

Policy Futures 3: Climate Connections

Towards low carbon, high biodiversity economies in Scotland

Policy Futures 4: Living Cities

Towards ecological urbanism

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