This year we are very pleased to announce the launch of the Trustees’ Awards for Volunteering.

These awards will recognise the fantastic achievements of our volunteers and highlight some exceptional people and their contributions towards the realisation of the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s vision.

Nominations are invited from anyone that would like to help highlight, and show appreciation for, the exceptional hard work and dedication demonstrated by our wonderful volunteers. Members can nominate individuals who have made a real difference. If someone has inspired you with their knowledge and enthusiasm, amazed you with their commitment, or surprised you with a quirky or unusual activity then please let us know by nominating them for a Trustees’ Award. The winners will be chosen by the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Trustees (“Council”), all of whom are volunteers themselves.

Nominations for the Trustees’ Awards for Volunteering should be submitted by 31 August using the online nomination form below. Award winners will be announced at our National Members’ Day on Saturday 22 September 2018.

Award categories

  • Puffin Award for Special Contribution: to be awarded to a volunteer who has made a specific one-time extraordinary contribution, for example in connection with an event, activity or project.
  • Juniper Award for Long Service: to celebrate volunteer effort and commitment to the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s work over many years.
  • Rusty Bog Moss Award for the Most Unusual Volunteer Achievement: to be awarded for an unusual or quirky achievement by a volunteer in support of the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s work. Please use your imagination!
  • Orca Award for Lifetime Achievement: to be awarded to a long-standing volunteer, who has shown great commitment and who has gone above and beyond in their time with the Trust.

You may nominate an individual in one category only, with the exception of the Juniper Award for Long Service, which can be combined with one other category or used on its own.

Award nomination form

  • Please enter the name of the person you are nominating.
  • Please tell us where this person volunteers (e.g. a visitor centre or wildlife watch group).
  • Please summarise in one sentence why you believe this person should receive an award.
  • Please explain in 150 words what this person has done as a volunteer and why it is important to the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s work.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Nominations for the Trustees’ Awards for Volunteering will be reviewed by Trustees (“Council”) by email. They will collectively reach a decision on who should receive this year’s awards, based on the information provided. The decision of the Trustees will be final.
  2. This is an opportunity to recognise some of the valuable work being undertaken by volunteers, but should not be interpreted as a competition to identify the ‘best’ volunteers. Trustees are aware that there will be an enormous breadth of valuable work being carried out by volunteers which does not feature in the awards.
  3. There are no cash prizes; the main benefit of receiving an award will be knowing that a contribution has been valued and that the awards are helping to celebrate the importance of volunteering within the Trust.
  4. Awards will be presented by the Chair at National Members’ Day on Saturday 22 September 2018 at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Anyone who is unable to, or does not wish to, receive their award in person can still be a recipient. In this case, their name will be read out or someone may collect the award on their behalf. There will be no speeches from recipients at the event, but the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be profiled in the November issue of Scottish Wildlife magazine.
  5. All personal data will be handled in accordance with the Trust’s Privacy Notice.

Whether they are counting seabirds from a rugged clifftop or talking to the public about our exciting conservation projects, our volunteers make a huge contribution towards protecting Scotland’s wildlife for the future.

Peter Gilbert, Volunteer Development Officer 


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