Can you help make woodlands in Cumbernauld more wildlife-friendly?


First-off, take a look at this short video…




…it’s a fleeting glimpse, but it’s definitely a pine marten. This footage captured in the urban woodlands of Cumbernauld is an encouraging sign; the presence of this elusive mammal so far south of its known range means that our efforts to make the Trust’s four wildlife reserves in the town more wildlife-friendly could really make a difference. 

An amazing 50% of Cumbernauld is actually green space, making it one of Scotland’s greenest towns. Much of this green is woodland: from large sites such as the Trust’s Cumbernauld Glen Wildlife Reserve to smaller pockets of trees next to social housing – they all play their part in providing homes and “stepping stones” for wildlife. As well as pine martens, the woods host many more regionally important species – from badgers to bluebells and otters to adders.

But not every woodland in the town is a wildlife haven. Fifty years ago, the Cumbernauld Development Corporation planted nearly a million trees as part of the New Town design. Unfortunately, most of these were non-native conifers. These have grown into dense, dark areas of towering larch, Sitka spruce and lodgepole pine. Transforming these bleak conifer plantations – unwelcoming for wildlife and people – back into the native woodland that once thrived in the area is a big task which comes with a big price tag.

Please help us to ramp up our efforts to transform the Trust’s woodlands in Cumbernauld, creating more homes for wildlife and more welcoming urban green spaces for local people.

You can be a part of this transformation

Your donation could help fund:

  • Thinning of non-native trees, encouraging the regeneration of native woodland
  • Planting wildlife-rich native hedgerows
  • Working with local young people and volunteer groups to remove invasive non-native species and create wildflower meadows
  • Improving the path network to make the woods easier for people to enjoy

An offer of funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for our Cumbernauld programme means that over the next four years we hope to invest nearly £300,000 to make the town’s woodlands even better for wildlife and people. Please help us to raise the £35,000 needed to help unlock this lottery funding.

Let’s open up new horizons in Cumbernauld

£26 could buy 50 oak seedlings to grow more native woodland in Cumbernauld

£73 could buy 1kg of wildflower seed mix for young people to sow in their local woodlands

£165 could support volunteers clearing invasive species such as rhododendron from the woodlands

£500 could help us plant 25 metres of native hedgerow, providing habitat for birds and insects

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