You can help support a very special Seed Fund!

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow and, while there is no such thing as a money tree, we have a way to grow a donation from you into a much bigger pot.

Over the years, Scotland’s wildlife has been fortunate enough to have benefited from grants associated with the taxation of landfill operations. We are all sending less and less waste to landfill sites, which is great news, and the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund is the silver lining to the operations that do remain.

Competition for these grants is fierce and, even when we secure an offer, there can be one last hurdle to jump. Additional funding is often required to unlock these grants – usually an extra 10% and usually within a matter of weeks. If we cannot provide this money on time, the offer is taken off the table.

Through the wonderful generosity of Trust members, we have often been able to scrape together such precious ‘seed money’ when an opportunity has arisen. However, lots of individual appeals cost money and we run the risk of missing out on significant funding if our contribution cannot be raised on time.

A Seed Fund of £25,000 could unlock a £250,000 benefit to Scotland’s wildlife over the next year

More grant applications are already in the pipeline and others are being urgently planned over the next six months. Such grants would pay for better paths on wildlife reserves, a safe nesting raft for terns and the restoration of stands of ancient juniper. But we need to be ready to grasp any opportunities as quickly as possible, and that’s where your help comes in!

Your Seed Fund gifts are worth around ten times as much to Scotland's wildlife

Our Seed Fund will be invaluable – enabling us to accept time-limited offers, unlock large-scale funding and quickly invest it in nature conservation across Scotland!

Fantastic projects such as the replanting of native woodlands in Druim Suardalain, improvements for the Handa Island path, the Scottish Beaver Trial and many more have already been undertaken with the funding support of various landfill operators.

Recently, the Trust has been offered a substantial grant to re-establish native woodland on three wildlife reserves in the heart of Cumbernauld. An offer of £46,743 is reliant on a contribution of £5,643 to unlock it.

Please help us to access more significant funds to protect Scotland’s wildlife by donating today.

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