When did you last go for a walk in the woods?

You love wildlife – that’s a given. Here at the Trust, we believe that every one of us deserves to be in touch with nature.

A walk in the woods, or any outdoor, natural environment can be a tonic for body and soul. The chirp of a robin proclaiming its territory. Cold, crisp air in your lungs. A walk through nature can be a wonderful assault on the senses – a relief from the hustle of modern life.

And the more people that get up close with Scotland’s wildlife, the more they will come to cherish and value what’s there, which can only be a good thing.

Will you donate today to help people access nature?

For over half a century, we have been managing wildlife reserves for the benefit of people and nature alike. With 90% of the Scottish population living within 10 miles of a Trust reserve, we want to ensure that people can continue to access nature across Scotland. Of course for a reserve manager this can be a blessing and a curse.

Tens of thousands of footsteps gradually wear down paths leaving them uneven, slippery and at times impassable. This gradual decline can be exacerbated by extreme weather such as high rainfall and flash floods – the likes of which we are increasingly experiencing.

A good path invites exploration. It leads you safely around whilst protecting surrounding habitats from erosion. We regularly walk our reserves to spot problems before they escalate, however if left unchecked, relatively small sections of damage can have a knock-on effect as visitors leave the path in search of more sure-footing.

We need a fighting fund for path repairs

Where we can, we secure grants for major access investment – but this takes time and only works for higher profile projects. So what about the raft of local paths in need of a little TLC which don’t fall into this group?

We need an emergency fund to help tackle top priority repairs as and when they are needed. We have received reports of over 10 wildlife reserves requiring some remedial repairs – with a collective bill of £50,000.

Tailored solutions for special places

The Trust’s reserves team manages and maintains more than 150 miles of paths, whatever the weather, throughout all of Scotland. From remote islands to city centre gardens, and from bridges to special drainage tunnels, each of our reserves comes with their very own unique requirements.

Please donate today to ensure these important wild spaces remain undamaged.

Yes! I would like to help people access nature

£25 could pay for an important way-marker

£75 could pay for a drain to divert water underneath paths

£165 could buy three tonnes of recycled gravel for surfacing

£500 could pay for six recycled plastic posts to support a boardwalk

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