We face uncertain times

The global pandemic has affected us all: changing the way we work and spend our free-time, disrupting planned holidays and get-togethers. Jobs have been lost and it’s likely more will follow as the furlough scheme ends. Sadly, many young people are seeing doors to future opportunities closing. Some are feeling the impacts more acutely than others – but nature may be able to provide a lifeline.

“It is estimated that the Coronavirus crisis will severely compromise life-time opportunities for over 1 million young people in the UK” (Resolution Foundation, May 2020)

In Cumbernauld, as in many of our towns and cities, many people live in challenging circumstances which restrict their life chances. Now that the pandemic has dealt another blow to people’s opportunities and taken its toll on people’s mental health, our work has become even more urgent.

Alongside our partners, The Conservation Volunteers, we want to play our part in responding to local needs. We plan to offer more traineeships and open up even more opportunities for volunteers of all ages to develop new skills and build confidence. We’re working with high schools to plan outdoor training sessions providing young people with skills that will stand them in good stead in the job market. And as well as this, we’ll be running weekly ‘Wild Ways Well’ sessions to help those at risk of poor mental health feel better by spending time in nature and with other people –  but we can’t do it without your support.

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