Sheila Chapman

Sheila Chapman

Sheila Chapman took on a 50-day painting challenge – each day she painted a small picture, and then sold the paintings to raise funds for charity. Sheila also used the challenge as an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues. Sheila raised £865.00 for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, helping us to continue our work protecting and enhancing Scotland’s wildlife for the future. You can see the beautiful images that Sheila painted on her website here.


“I enjoy being out in nature, and spotting wildlife and nature is what inspires most of my artwork. I worry about the damage human activity is doing to wildlife habitats both here in Scotland and worldwide, and wanted to use my artistic skills to raise funds for wildlife protection and hopefully also remind people of the wonders of nature all around us and how important it is to us all”. Sheila Chapman

J-Hope UK

A nosey red squirrel at the Loch of the Lowes feeding station © Michelle Branson

J-Hope UK, a fan club for BTS member Jung Hoseok, adopted red squirrels in honour of the Korean pop star’s birthday. The fundraiser was the idea of Lisa Ireland and J-Hope UK raised over £670.00, adopting 37 red squirrels. This is an incredible amount, which went directly to supporting our Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels project.


“We are always keen to contribute towards meaningful causes and charities who are able to get the most out of the funds that we raise. Choosing to adopt these beautiful, endangered creatures who also remind us so much of J-Hope was an easy decision! It feels great to know that us fans were able to do so much good with our passion and we are so grateful to the Scottish Wildlife Trust for being so accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process!”  Lisa Ireland

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