We want to hear from you. Please answer these quick questions and have a say about nature in your area.

Your answers might help inform our future work and campaigns around Scotland.

2022 Nature Survey

Q1. How often do you visit green spaces or spend time in nature? (Please tick one)
Q2. What sort of outdoor spaces do you visit in your spare time? (Please tick all that apply)
Q3. What type of transport do you most regularly use? (Please tick one)
Q4. Which of the below do you think should be the Trust's top priority for your local area? (Please tick one)
Q5. What benefits do you personally get from being outdoors? (Please tick all that apply)
Q6. Have you visited a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve in the past year? (Please tick one)
Q7. Is there anything which makes it harder for you to access nature? (Please tick all that apply)
Q8. Have you seen any of the following in the past year? (Please tick all that apply)

The closing date for receipt of entries is Monday 9 May 2022.

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