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Standing for re-election (or election following co-option)

Proposer: Dr Kenny Taylor
Seconder: Dr Ian Jardine OBE

Having served three years on Council already, Chris is an active member of the Finance and Audit and the Nominations Committees. During this time, Chris’ passion for nature has been paired with his experience in the commercial sphere gained from his previous career in construction law. Additionally, Chris is a trustee of the Scottish Seabird Centre, secretary of his local church and the founding Chair of the Scops Arts Trust which makes grants to arts organisations throughout the UK.

Proposer: Dr Kenny Taylor
Seconder: Dr Ian Jardine OBE

Julian is an ecologist who has worked on wildlife, conservation, writing and consulting on solutions to problems of biodiversity, ecosystems and climate, meanwhile evaluating over £10 billion in official aid investment. His key interests lie in restoring peace with nature through environmental education and community action, and in reforming the climate emergency response to take Earth system tipping points into account. After three years as a trustee, Julian’s continuing aim is to promote globally aware and networked local actions in Scotland.

Proposer: Dr Kenny Taylor
Seconder: Dr Ian Jardine OBE

Alistair was co-opted to Council in 2023 due to his experience in Scotland’s environmental and land use policy. This developed through over 20 years in environmental research and teaching. It includes working with the Trust and other organisations across the public, NGO, business and education sectors. Much of his work has focussed on Scotland, with European and international projects bringing a broader perspective. He is a year-round cyclist enjoying the opportunity this brings to experience and photograph nature throughout the changing seasons.

Standing for election

Proposer: Dr Julian Caldecott
Seconder: Dr Tim Duffy

A scientist, conservationist and writer living on Lismore, Martyn worked on fig wasps in Malaysia and then ungulate grazing ecology in the Serengeti in the 1980s before working as biodiversity consultant for the EU. Travelling to remote areas of the world, he advised on conservation strategy, policy and the project cycle. He developed the EU’s ‘Key Landscapes for Conservation’ concept which led to his bioscape model of conservation to improve the effectiveness of protected areas whilst simultaneously enhancing rural livelihoods.

Proposer: Anna Skinner
Seconder: Pat Monaghan

Stephen is passionate about the need to conserve, restore and enhance the natural environment. A birdwatcher since childhood, he volunteered as an assistant warden at several RSPB reserves in his youth. Since retirement, Stephen has volunteered for several wildlife charities including the Trust’s conservation team based in Dalkeith, as well as organising and conducting bird surveys for the BTO. He would bring to Council his experience as a solicitor, with expertise in risk management, governance and good working practices.

Proposer: Thomas Barclay
Seconder: Alison Barclay

A keen hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Andrea loves exploring local beauty spots and rugged areas in the North of Scotland. Having worked in finance for 15 years, she has gained experience across various sectors, focusing on charity accounting practices including leading on budgeting, forecasting, financial statements preparation and audit. Now looking to dedicate her time, skills and expertise to the Trust and the conservation of nature, Andrea is thrilled about the opportunity to help deliver this vision.

Proposer: Dr Julian Caldecott
Seconder: Jane Stuart-Smith

Jenny is a Finance Manager at The Church of Scotland, with specific responsibilities for General Trustees and pension schemes. Prior to this, she worked in professional accounting practice for 16 years, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2009 and specialising in charity audit and accounting, working with a wide range of Scottish charities. Moving out of practice has allowed her the time to get involved in the wider charity sector, as a trustee and member of technical charity panels.

Proposer: Dr Ian Jardine OBE
Seconder: Dr Julian Caldecott

With nearly a decade of experience as a Chartered Accountant specialising in the Third Sector, Aleksandra enjoys supporting charities in meeting regulatory standards and enhancing operational efficiency. Her tenure as a Financial Controller for Myeloma UK has allowed her to merge financial expertise with her passion for making a difference. Growing up with a deep appreciation for nature, Aleksandra is committed to understanding the intricate balance between societal needs and environmental preservation, particularly the crucial task of conserving biodiversity in Scotland and beyond.

Proposer: Anthony Robson
Seconder: Bill Lambert

Following five years as a conventional investor, Craig’s passion and concern for the environment led him into the world of impact investing in 2007. Since then, his career has been focused on investing for positive impact, resulting in an investment philosophy rooted in transformational change. Craig believes that in the future, the most economic value will be created by organisations which disrupt and replace today’s unsustainable systems. He now advises, educates and invests in organisations which seek to make a transformational positive impact.

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