Deer Family Fun Weekend

Join us this weekend  for Deer quizzes and crafts.
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of November 11am – 3pm

Here in Scotland our native Deer are Roe deer, Fallow deer and Red deer.

At the visitor centre this weekend you can find out more about how to identify each of them and what field signs to look out for when on a nature walk.

You may also spot some of them this weekend, but they may not always be quite where you expect………………

Roe and Fallow deer sometimes graze on the shore edge of lochs and they may even take a swim (Like the one below) if the water’s not too cold!!

Roe Deer Buck Swimming in Loch of the Lowes
Roe Deer Buck Swimming in a Loch

If you are really lucky you may even spot a white Fallow doe.
White Fallow can be seen in the Dunkeld area, but to trick you they are often with the other Fallow with the typical red/brown colouring so keep your eyes peeled!

One of Loch of the Lowes more unusual visitors - White hind Fallow Deer
One of Dunkeld’s more unusual visitors – White Fallow doe

As I write this a visitor has also reported a sighting of a (melanistic) black Fallow deer.

For those avid wildlife enthusiasts there are four Fallow Deer colour variations:

  1. Common
    Have a chestnut coat with white spots in the summer and a much darker, unspotted coat in the winter.
    They have a light tail with a black stripe and it is often described as heart shaped or Black/white/black/white/black stripe patterning
  2. Menil
    Have spots more distinct than the common Fallows colouring in summer and no black around the rump patch or on the tail. In winter, spots still clear on a darker brown coat.
  3. Melanistic (black)
    All year black shading to greyish-brown. No light-coloured tail patch or spots
  4. Leucistic (white, but not albino)
    The fawns are cream-coloured; adults become pure white, especially in winter. Dark eyes and nose, no spots

so you really never know what you might spot when you take a walk around our wonderful nature reserve and your local natural environment.

You can even be a Fallow deer for the day and follow the trail to find your Fallow Deer family by answering a number of quiz questions!

So let your friends and family know and head over to Loch of the Lowes this weekend! Don’t forget your waterproof and wellies, but don’t worry if you get a wee bit cold as we have hot drinks to warm you up and a large viewing window where you can watch the wildlife from the warmth of the visitor centre.

This is a Free event, but normal visitor centre charges apply.
Adult £4.00  Concession £2.50  Child 50p  Family £7.50
Your ticket is valid all day
So you can come and go as much as you like between 10.30am-4pm, just show your receipt

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Sarah Close, Visitor Centre Assistant

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Join us this weekend  for Deer quizzes and crafts. Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of November 11am – 3pm Here in Scotland our native Deer are Roe deer, Fallow deer …

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