Wildlife Diary Sunday 18th August

Some more osprey Q and A’s today. Please remember to check the FAQ tab at the top of this page for all the most frequently asked questions- if you can’t find an answer there, send it to ospreys@swt.org.uk and I will try to answer it here for all to share.

Q: Do you still have ospreys at Loch of the Lowes?

A: Yes! Both our adult male and this years youngster Blue YZ are still around the loch, though neither is spending much time on the nest by now. Whilst we cannot guarantee an osprey in view the moment you arrive ( unlike during much of spring and early summer) but if you are prepared to spend a while in the hides, you are likely to see at least one of our birds.

Q: If the male still supplying fish to the chick? Is she getting enough to eat?

A: Yes! He brought her a fish this morning, and she sat on the nest with it for a few minutes before taking it elsewhere to eat. He will be gradually decreasing the amount he brings her to encourage her to have a go at fishing herself-perfectly normal at this time of year. One or two fish a day are more than enough for her to survive on for now.

Q: Where has the female ” Lady”  gone? Do you know where she migrates to?

A: Our resident female has left on her migration as the breeding season and her responsibilities are now over. We do not know exactly where she migrates to as she has never been ringed, tagged or tracked, and is not a suitable candidate due to her age. By studying the migration routes of her offspring, we hope to gain some insight into her habitats as it is believed ospreys inherit the latitude of their wintering grounds from their parents.

Q: Can the chick Blue YZ perch and eat on a branch ok?

A: Yes, this is skill that develops post fledging and which we have seen her improve over the last couple of weeks. To stand  on a branch, manoeuvre  on your food, and tear and eat it all at once takes some mastery but we have seen her do so successfully.

Q: Is the Chick Blue YZ fishing for herself yet?

A: We haven’t seen her do so yet, though we have seen her take ‘practise runs ‘ at the water. It is possible she has been successful out of site of the hides on another loch  though.

Q: Is this a good time to see ospreys?

A: Yes! In fact there are more ospreys in the air now than any other time of year as the juvenile birds join their parents over our waterways and woods. Ospreys are also starting to move ( like your female) so are turning up in all sorts of places. If you live anywhere in the UK you might be lucky enough to see an Osprey passing through on its way south  on migration, even if they do not nest in your area.  Whenever you are near water, keep your eyes peeled- if you see a Buzzard or large Gull, double check it isn’t in  fact an osprey!

Remember Buzzards are a similar size, but have straighter wings, and only a small amount of white underneath their wings, and never a white head. Large Gull species lack the raptor ‘splayed fingertips’  on their wings and have a more swept back ‘W’ shape overall. Here’s a great photograph from our library, with apologies

Osprey Vs Gull
Osprey Vs Gull

to the original photographer who is unknown.

Satellite tracking News tomorrow folks.

Ranger Emma




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Some more osprey Q and A’s today. Please remember to check the FAQ tab at the top of this page for all the most frequently asked questions- if you can’t …

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