Monday 1st October: Migration Update – Blue 44 snoozes while Blue YD flies around

Blue 44’s data is in and shows him still enjoying his time at Etang Blanc. There’s a couple of new locations in and near a campsite, one of which must have been on the mast of a boat! He seems to be spending much of the time roosting, just like he did here.

 It’s quite normal for ospreys to stop for a couple of weeks in a good spot to make sure they’re in prime condition for any further migration. Alternatively he’s found his winter roost. We know ospreys have overwintered in the south ofFrancefor the last 10 years so this is quite possible. Only time will tell whether he will go any further or stop there for the winter. If it is his winter roost it is a very good survival technique as it’s a short migration and he’s found a spot full of good roosting places and excellent fishing thus avoiding the perils of crossing the oceans, mountains and desert.

Stephanie and Paul, the Rangers for Etang Blanc and Courant d’Huchet, have sent through their latest report.

‘News about Blue 44…always in the place yesterday and today, seen on the

etang Blanc (better place to see the bird…it’s more difficult on the etang

Noir because the forest is more “closed” and there is not a lot of point of

view). And other thing, the water on the étang Blanc is more “clear” than

the etang Noir so better or easier to fish there !!!!

Some photos joined, taken by Paul, today at 15.00, in digiscopy !

Yesterday , there were 3 ospreys on the place…and three birds with a ring

!!! One is fromFrance, a young male ringed (orange 5.U) by Rolf Wahl, first

ringed on Orleans’ forest this year ! Another young with just a metal ring

and Blue 44.

Here Paul and me have given a “surname” to Blue 44… TOTON…we explain

why…on the area where the bird stays a lot (because he has some favorites

trees !!!), this area is known locatly as “chez Toton” the name of a cook

which had a restaurant at this place…the speciality of this cook was the

eel !!!’

They also send us some more photos – who does this remind you of?

Blue 44 looking fit and well and very like his mother – copyright Paul Lesclaux

Showing Ospreys have a sense of humour too!

Blue 44 shaking his tail feathers – copyright Paul Lesclaux

Blue YD has taken a wee circular tour in Senegal before returning to the Mauritania, but sitting back on the border – perhaps he enjoyed passport control so much he’s gone back for more. This sort of circular fly around isn’t unusual, Blue 44 did it about a week ago and Ceylan has done it couple of times too. He’s back on the Senegal River, not a bad place to be at all.

A wee fly around
Back to Senegal River


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Blue 44’s data is in and shows him still enjoying his time at Etang Blanc. There’s a couple of new locations in and near a campsite, one of which must …

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