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Dear Bloggers

We’re sure all the readers of this blog are very excited about the start of the osprey breeding season – we know we are and, as you know, we are already making preparations in the hope that we will be welcoming an osprey pair back to our nest site very soon. 

We’d like to share with you some of our plans in advance of the ospreys’ return.  Firstly, we’re excited to announce that we plan to give our blog a new-look later this week.  This will involve a change in the design of the blog which we hope will allow us to display some fantastic images of osprey at the top of our posts.   The new look means we will lose some of the links you might be used to finding down the right-hand side of the blog, however please be assured that we will do all we can to incorporate relevant links into our blog posts. 

 The second change we’re making to the blog comes after a review of the practicalities of blog management across our charity as a whole.  Following this, we have decided that we are no longer able to provide a commenting facility on our blogs.  This change will take immediate effect.

Last season we watched as this blog grew in popularity, and we were overwhelmed with the global response and interest in our resident female breeding osprey.  While this much-appreciated response from supporters was welcomed throughout our charity, the work created through the management of the blog and the moderation of its comments also grew.  As the Scottish Wildlife Trust is a conservation charity with limited resources, we are committed to ensuring we spend our resources in work to achieve our charitable objective – to protect Scotland’s wildlife for the future.  While communicating our work and engaging people with wildlife are both central aims to meeting this objective, everything we do must strike a balance.  This is why a very difficult decision has been taken to disable the comments facility on the blog.  Instead of moderating your comments, we will be spending our time producing the highest quality blog posts we can, which we hope will offer a real insight into wildlife conservation and provide lovers of wildlife with a great source of information. 

We’d like to stress that our blog will remain active – posts will continue on a regular basis and the web camera will also continue to run.  We hope you can understand our reasons for doing this and that you will continue to enjoy our blog.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust

Please note – an email notifying our registered bloggers about these changes has been sent out.  This email has been sent to the email address originally used to create your account.

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Dear Bloggers We’re sure all the readers of this blog are very excited about the start of the osprey breeding season – we know we are and, as you know, …

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