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Hi All

Just a quick update. I can understand how you all must be feeling about today. I just want to let you know that we will be here at Lowes all night and will update the blog if there is any change in our Lady’s condition.

Kind Regards


Just to answer the questions about her eyes. They are closed and have been most of the time it looks like she is having difficulty opening them. It also looks like she has lost strength in her legs and wings. It is very hard to watch, but I will let you all know if she goes through the night.


I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts. Believe me when I say that I do share your frustrations and your sadness. I have spent many a night with her, watching her incubate eggs in what can only be described as atrocious weather and she has had to put up with me snoring in the hide at 4am . My first year doing nights the temperature dropped to -7 and she had snow completely covering her. She was a fighter then and is proving to be now in what could be my last night with her. I too hope that she goes soon and her suffering does not go on.

I hope you all have sound now.


I do wish the wind would remove the twig in front of the camera. It is getting quite strong now up there at the nest. I can still hear the faint calls of the chicks when they get up a move around or try to get under Mums wing to shelter from the night air. There feathers are well enough developed at this time to allow them to cope with the coldest of June nights. Our Lady is still moving now and again and it looks as though she will survive the night. 7Y will not be far away, probably roosting in a nearby Scots pine and should be back at the nest site well before the sun gets over the horizon.

I was so pleased to read that Pigeon saw the otter on the south shore. I have not seen the otter in such along time. They are a fantastic mammal to watch. My daughter was watching one on the river Tay yesterday morning by the bridge in Dunkeld. I saw one there a few years ago, it bounded up the river bank then up on to a picnic table, where it enjoyed the leftovers of someones chippy tea. Not really a very healthy diet for an otter. It was a fantastic sight until my Border Collie Nala had decided she had restrained herself long enough and took off after the otter. The otter quickly shot off the table and back into the safety of the river. I realised that what Nala wanted was the chips and not the otter.


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Hi All Just a quick update. I can understand how you all must be feeling about today. I just want to let you know that we will be here at …

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