Osprey Diary 23 June

Good Morning all.

What a great sight to come into this morning our Lady feeding the chicks. She is getting stronger and stronger all the time and we are more hopeful than we have been for her survival. But I would like to stress that whatever happened to her at the weekend could have longterm effects on her. It could also just as easily be something she has managed fight off and we wont see a recurrence this season.

Lets enjoy what each day brings because I am sure this wont be the last drama for this year. We still have a few more weeks to go before our chicks fledge. That drama in itself is amazing to watch. Have a good day and I look forward to your posts.


I should have put this in my earlier post..

I have spoken to our vet and to other people who have been dealing with ospreys for many more years than I and they all say the same, that they have never seen an osprey like this. This down to the cameras, we are privileged to watch these birds and are learning more and more about them every day with the aid of new technology. I have no doubt we have far more to learn than we already have. I am looking forward these birds teaching us more about there lives.


Hi All

Sorry for the delay in moderating. We are very busy here in the Visitor Centre with visitors would you believe. I just don’t know what is so interesting out this place. 🙂 I thought everybody would be watching the football.

The Lady of the Loch continues to impress. She flew off the nest for some time earlier, she was away having a bath so I thought I would give her some privacy. 7Y has brought in five fish so far today (that I have seen) and the Lady has fed well. I know some of you were praying for rain the other day so she could get some liquid in her, I need you to pray again, not for her this time but for our volunteers so they continue to have showers as our well is drying up fast and between you and I they start to smell pretty fast. Only joking about the smelly part, I hope.


6.30pm Update:
Our lady of the loch is looking stronger still this evening, having spent all day back at her normal duties with the chicks, and using the nest perch again- what a sight, to see her surveying her domain again! She has spent a lot of time today preening and has taken several trips off the nest to wash herself- like anyone recovering from a life threatening illness, she seems to want to get herself back in good order! Fingers crossed all around for continued improvement and no relapses!
Emma Rawling
Please Note: tonight will be the first night since all this started that we feel we will be able to leave our osprey overnight and go home a get some sleep! We will of course be watching her via the cameras and there are people on site in case of emergencies as always. However, we won’t be in the office so if there is a delay in your blog comments appearing don’t worry! Thanks for your patience, Emma

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Good Morning all. What a great sight to come into this morning our Lady feeding the chicks. She is getting stronger and stronger all the time and we are more …

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