Osprey Diary 20th June

It is 2:55am and the light is showing in the sky. It is time for our Oystercatchers to wake and and let everyone know they are up and ready for the day. Some of us have not slept but have been keeping watch over our magnificent Lady, who is still struggling on.

As the day breaks we will watch and wait to see what the day has to bring for our osprey family. Will 7Y continue to do such a sterling job of feeding the chicks, I think he will give it his best shot. I know it will be hard for everyone to watch the camera today, so keep supporting each other in the fantastic way you have all been doing so far. It also helps us here at Lowes knowing there is so many people out there who are feeling the same way we are. Thank you for all your comments.

3:21am and the dawn chorus is in full swing. I think I will go outside and enjoy it for a while with my 50th cup of coffee!!


Some of you would have seen me zoom in on 7Y. He is on one of his usual fishing trees looking for breakfast.

The barking you heard on the webcam was a fox just under the osprey nest. They do have a very chilling bark.


Hi All

Sorry I have been away getting cleaned up ready for the days events.

Our boy has done well so far this morning 3 fish and has chased off an intruder, what more can we ask of him. Lets hope he can keep this up. The Lady is laboring now her breaths are very short. I hope that it is not long now before she goes.


When we go to the nest to take her out we will try to minimise the disturbance to 7Y by waiting for him to go fishing. unfortunately we cannot guarantee that he wont be there at the time. The chicks will behave like we are predators and stay flat in the nest not moving pretending they are invisible. They will not at this age attempt to leave the nest. Removing her body will give the chicks a far greater chance of survival by keeping the nest clean and healthy for them.


Hi All
+ I do understand your how you are feeling about our Lady. I too would love to ease her suffering but we do not intervene when it would cause even more stress and harm, not just to our Lady but also to the chicks and 7Y. At the moment we will allow her to see this out on the nest. If we were to try and remove her from the nest while she still has a bit of fight in her, would not only stress her out even more than she is already it could also cause harm to the chicks. The other thing to think about is the person who will go up the 60ft Scots Pine and take a stressed adult osprey out of the nest. We do have to think about their safety first. It will be a lot safer for our climber and the chicks.
+ I hope this helps to clarify things for you all.

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It is 2:55am and the light is showing in the sky. It is time for our Oystercatchers to wake and and let everyone know they are up and ready for …

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