Trump development

History of our campaign

On 27th November 2006, Trump International applied to Aberdeenshire Council for outline planning permission for a golf resort, located within the spectacular sand dune system at Menie Links, north of Aberdeen. Its creation will destroy large parts of the nationally important Foveran Links Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Although the application was originally rejected, it was subsquently 'called in' by Scottish ministers and a public local inquiry was held in 2008. At the inquiry, the Trust (and others) put forward an alternative location for the golf course outwith the SSSI, but this was rejected by the Trump team due to the dune topography being a major feature of the course’s design.

The public inquiry Reporter concluded that the economic and social benefits of the golf resort outweighed the environmental damage caused by its development, and the Scottish Government granted permission in November 2008, subject to a legally binding planning agreement.

You can find out more about the development and our objections to it by reading the background to the case.

Continued monitoring of Foveran Links

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has been keeping abreast of developments on the Foveran Links site ever since planning permission for the golf resort was granted. We believe it is crucial that all planning conditions are met to help minimise the damage to Foveran Links SSSI and the wildlife it supports.

As such, the Scottish Wildlife Trust objected to a further planning application submitted by the Trump team in September 2009, because it believed this breached agreed planning conditions. Unfortunately, the Trust’s objection was rejected and preparatory work started in the dune system that winter. We continue to monitor the development closely, and will do all we can to protect wildlife in the area.

What you can do to help

While the Scottish Wildlife Trust supports sustainable development, we are committed to protecting wildlife from inappropriate development. You too can help protect Scotland's wildlife areas by making an online donation now. All donations go towards our vital conservation work, including caring for our own network of wildlife reserves.

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