Wonderful wild wetlands

To mark World Wetlands Day here are some of our favourite wet and watery Wildlife Reserves. Each one is a haven for wildlife and well worth a visit, click on the reserve page to find out more. 

The long road to Largiebaan

Largiebaan Wildlife Reserve near Campeltown is the second largest managed by the Trust and covers a diverse range of habitats. Reserves Manager Sven Rasmussen had one of his best wildlife spotting days on a trip to the reserve in autumn. 

50 for the Future - Restore meanders along rivers and burns

In this week's 50 for the Future article, Dr Matthew O'Hare explains how rivers have been changed over the last two centuries and discusses the need to restore them to a more natural state.

50 for the Future - Enable soils and biodiversity to recover

In this week's 50 for the Future article, Professor Lorna Dawson discusses the role of upland farming in the recovery of soils and biodiversity.

50 for the Future - Rewild and restore floodplains

In this week's 50 for the Future article, Anne McCall discusses the benefits of floodplain restoration and how this is best achieved through partnership working. 

What next for the UK's beavers?

Our Chief Executive Jonny Hughes considers what happens next for beavers in the UK. 

Home at last - Beavers back for good in Scotland

There have been many wildlife successes during the last half century, but the official return of the beaver to Scotland is perhaps the biggest to date.

50 for the Future - Green roofs

In this week's 50 for the Future article, Dusty Gedge discusses the possibilities for greening Scotland's rooftops.
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